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Monday, 18 June 2012

Ulvika Xavier at 10 weeks old

Ulvika Xavier at 10 weeks old

Xavier is very lively, intelligent and affectionate.

He is now fully weaned, litter trained and eating adult food, and sometimes gets a grubby nose, until his mum has had a chance to give him a good wash!

He has had his first vaccinations and is a classic example of a silver and white tabby Norwegian Forest Kitten.

He loves Matilda, his blue and white sister. Here he is playing with her with a couple of the smaller kittens behind him.

Here are some of his family: Darcy, his paternal grandmother, Mysrtle, his father, and Diva, his litter sister from last year. He also  loves to play with his older relatives - Bono, his great Uncle, a big black smoke neuter; Misty, his maternal grandmother, a silver tabby; Darcy, his paternal grandmother.

Xavier and Bono

Xavier, Bono and Misty

Paul, Xavier, Bono and Misty

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