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Monday, 21 May 2012

Ulvika Lilia's and Audrey's kittens at Six Weeks Old

Six weeks is a great age for kittens. They are eating solid food - raw and cooked meat, chicken, biscuits, and drinking water, topped up with their mother's milk, of course.
They form friendship groups, little gangs of fluff, who venture into rooms they haven't previously visited.
We have a cat gym, constructed from sturdy cardboard packing cases and duck tape ( using my Blue Peter Badge winning skills c 1966), so they can run in and out of tunnels, have "secret" hiding places where they can play without being seen by Mum, and Gilligan Mancini hurtles up and down the hall playing football as if the reputation of Team Ulvika depended on him to score that final goal in the last minute of extra time...

Climbing is now part of the daily routine. Ulvika Matilda and Quinn are particularly good at this. Matilda has made it up to the top of the kitchen trolley, where the tinned cat food is kept, and Quinn was the first to conquer the dizzy heights of the scratching post. Xavier is the playful kitten. He loves climbing in and out of cardboard boxes, and defends his territory to the last.  Rolf and Cilla are growing now, and dashing around after the others, although slightly younger than their older playmates, they love hiding in tunnels and snuggling up next to Audrey when they're tired.

Perhaps the most important event this week has been the return into the house of Ulvika Myrtle to meet his family.  Myrtle went on a very special visit to Simon Thomas, the fantastic vet at Just Cats, in Southport, a few weeks ago, to have an intimate little operation that has improved his general standards of personal hygiene and allowed him to enjoy the company of the rest of his family.  He is still only 2 years old, and we always intended to let our stud boy have a proper life with us. He can now follow Bono into the role of Therapy Cat, and is showing enormous potential already for being a real softy - gentle and loving with his kittens, and compliant and friendly with visitors. Myrtle has been a fantastic stud boy, fathering so many fantastic kittens, and it is now time for him to enjoy his life with his Mum, Darcy; his Grandmother, Daisy; and his cousins, Bono, Misty, Blossom, and daughters Diva and Audrey.

Next week, we hope to bring the kitten's grandmothers into the house to exert some discipline on to the chaos. Darcy (7), Blossom(8) and Misty(5) will make sure the little ones know how to show respect to older, less agile cats, and Uncle Bono(8) will deal with the "teaching the lads how to defend themselves" routine that he does so well. Fun times to come, then, but in the meantime, thank you for all your interesting emails. Keep them coming, and I will respond as quickly as I can.
Please note: - Jubilee, Quinn  and Xavier are already reserved.
Should you need any more information, please contact
Jane and Paul Bancroft, 01704 875469 at Ulvika Norwegian Forest Cats and Kittens.
Jane is on twitter @Janey Bancroft, Darcy is also on Twitter @Darcy Bancroft We are both on Facebook.
If you put UlvikaNFCs into the search engine on YouTube, you will see amusing short movies of our cats and kittens. This is becoming an archive of movies of kittens past and present, and brings back such wonderful memories. Please scroll down to the bottom of this blog for the links into YouTube. Just click on the link, and it will take you straight into the movie you'd like to watch.

Many thanks to Paul for all these photographs. It's not always easy to photograph moving kittens. His patience is extraordinary. I stick to the admin, the writing and the pedigree/registration work with GCCF.
All our kittens come fully vaccinated, and male kittens can be castrated at 12 weeks by Simon Thomas at Just Cats. They can be micro-chipped should you require this service, and have 4 weeks' free insurance with PetPlan. I can provide not only the normal 5 generation pedigree, but also links to 12 generations back from these kittens, as they are descended from Norwegian Forest Cat "Royalty" - better known to us as the late, great Stephen, who sadly went to sleep last year, aged 16. He lives on through all our kittens, and we feel he has never left us. He had such a happy life as a retired stud boy with us, and it is impossible to look into the eyes of Darcy, Myrtle, Diva and Matilda, without seeing Stephen's looking back at you.
All other enquiries to

Ulvika Myrtle, the father of Lilia's kittens, has come back into the house this week to meet his new family

Ulvika Myrtle

Myrtle enjoying some kitten rearing

Ulvika Xavier defends his box..

Xavier finds himself a useful vantage point from which to observe other siblings

Xavier takes command of the tower, ready for any invasion from other kittens

Myrtle and Quinn form a special bond

Kitten washing is now part of Myrtle's duties which he takes very seriously

Ulvika Mystique is very loving and gentle. Would be a fantastic friend for a young child.

Jubilee and Gilligan snooze in monochrome on a sunny afternoon inside their secret hiding place (taken through hole in side of box)

This photo is for Lisa Booth, future owner of Harlequin, our black smoke kitten. It's not been an easy week for you, Lisa, and we're thinking about you. So is Quinn, who would like you to come and massage him again with that oil you brought last time....

Bono has a look round the nursery, but Lilia is intend on renewing old friendships..Audrey looks on, adoringly at her Dad..

Lilia teaches Gilligan Mancini the art of personal washing. This has proved useful this week, as he has taken a few walks through gravy, not to mention the episode with the pasta in rich sauce...white paws can be such a problem...

I have been asked what Gilligan Mancini will look like as he gets older - here is Ulvika Geordie Boy when he was 13 weeks old last year. See the likeness? Geordie has been very successful on the show circuit in the South of England and is now a stud boy living with Sarah Ruse and her lovely family.

A mugshot of Ulvika Adiva, who will be mated later this year. It will be her first birthday on 22nd May. Happy Birthday, Diva. Just love those eyes..

Matilda discovered that Paul had not lost his forklift truck skills when she sat in an Ikea sieve and required lifting up to the worktop. Little did she realise that her mother was waiting for of this on YouTube (put Ulvika in search engine)

Matilda climbing the Argos kitchen trolley and discovering where the tinned cat food is kept. Assisted by Jubilee and Mystique - see bottom of trolley.

I have been asked what Xavier will look like when he grows up. This is Ulvika Pansy - who lives in the NE of England. She is the sister of Martha Hunter Bills, who also has Geordie connections.

And now for a little fun - Paul shows Geordie the patented Ulvika DIY castration kit last year. Fortunately, we now have our wonderful vet,Simon Thomas at Just Cats in Southport, who uses his refined surgical techniques to perform the same operation...;-)

As breeders, we feel it is very important to support animal charities who look after animals less fortunate than our own. Bono attended the RSPCA Paws in the Park event at Hesketh Park, Southport last weekend. As you can see, he has his own cat buggy. It allows him to feel safe amongst hundreds of dogs, and also gives him a good view of everything going on around him.  His next trip out will be to the Beacon Country Park Green Fayre, in UpHolland in July. Do come and meet him
The next few photographs were taken on Sunday, 27th May, the kittens are now 7 weeks old and picking up skills and growing very quickly. 

Harlequin always likes to take the middle of the bed..and usually gets it

Ulvika Cilla Dakota is growing fast - see the sun reflecting from her whisker.

Ulvika Jubilee (Liz) has a favourite pair of slippers

Close up of Ulvika Jubilee showing her black tabby markings
A battle royal breaks out between Ulvika Jubilee and Xavier over Jubilee's slipper
Ulvika Jubilee in soft focus - or was she simply moving?
Lilia has a rest, but with one eye open, just in case she's needed
Ulvika Matilda, well out of it in the sunshine
A lovely shot of Ulvika Myrtle, the father of the kittens. He has been in the house for a week now, and washes the kittens, plays football with them and cuddles up to them at night. He's grown since his recent operation, and should shortly be as large as Bono and his daughter Ulvika Marthar Hunter Bills In Scissett.
Ulvika Mystique, asleep in the lunchtime sun
Ulvika Myrtle, supervising playtime and thoroughly enjoying being part of his family

Ulvika Gilligan Mancine, taking a quiet nap at half time...spends most of his time playing with the Ulvika 5 a side team up and down the hall. Ulvika Myrtle is the Ref, but occasionally gets carried away and will dribble a small football the length of the hall, and score a cracking goal by shooting at the letter box - but occasionally follows through with his head...ends up in an undignified position on the floor, shakes himself off and starts the next session.

Lilia can now relax - a job well done, as she now has Myrtle in to share the kitten-rearing duties.

 Don't forget -we are happy to help with any queries you may have re feline psychology, behaviour and diet. Just email us at and we will do what we can to help you, or put you in touch with a breeder who can. 
  •  A special Hello here to Agnes, who is now over her little problem, and whom we hope we have been able to help.

  • If you would like to view our kittens on YouTube, click on the following links: - Movie 1 of newborn kittens  - Movie 2 of newborn kittens  - Movie 3 of newborn kittens - Teamwork - two mothers raising their litters together  - Kitten playtime   - Ulvika Harlequin  - Lilia feeds the world...        - Ulvika Gilligan Mancini says Hello - Ulvika Xavier



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