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Saturday, 30 June 2012

Ulvika Norwegian Cats and Kittens June 2012

Due to popular demand, most Ulvika followers simply want to see photos of the family - so here is a selection of photographs taken in June of the Ulvika Norwegian Forest Cats and Kittens relaxing at home. The kittens are now independent little individuals, each with their own personalities. Gilligan is the fun-loving leader of the pack, who is forgiven any misdemeanour as he is such a loving little fellow. Xavier is very affectionate and purrs the loudest of the whole litter. Harlequin is the biggest, most stunning of the boys, with the most enormous ears and feet, and Matilda has taken over as the leader of the females, always choosing the sunniest spot and very keen to have her photo taken, but not so keen to sit still. Jubilee is now happily settled in Holmfirth, a simply beautiful silver tabby girl, who has already made friends with a very large dog. Cilla, the solid black kitten, and Rolf, the smaller brown tabby are growing fast and very lively and full of mischief. Mystique never stands still for long enough to have her photo taken, unlike the older members of the family who simply adore the moment when the camera comes out and they get the opportunity to pose...either for snaps for Face book or Twitter.

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Ulvika Darcy and Ulvika Blossom share an armchair

Ulvika Harlequin

Ulvika Rolf

Ulvika Xavier

Fun and games in the hall, Matilda, Gilligan and Mystique

Ulvika Jubilee

Ulvika Harlequin

Ulvika Xavier and Ulvika Matilda

Ulvika Cilla, Xavier and Matilda

Matilda does her impression of a bat

Ulvika Darcy - grandmother to the kittens

Ulvika Darcy

Mother and daughter - Ulvika Blossom and Ulvika Misty

Ulvika Blossom - the matriarch of the Ulvika family

Xavier with a grubby nose...

Rolf has a snooze with his granny

Ulvika Jubilee

Xavier, Bono and Misty

Ulvika Adiva, Bono and Misty

Ulvika Myrtle, a proud father

Ulvika Matilda, a blue and high white beauty

Darcy, Myrtle and Adiva take over the furniture

Harlequin, Jubilee and Rolf

Ulvika Gilligan

Gilligan on top of his scratching post



Great Granny Daisy finds a comfy place to sleep

Ulvika Xavier and Ulvika Cilla

Xavier fast asleep

Ulvika Darcy likes to control the remote...

Ulvika Mystique asleep in the sunshine

Darcy grabs the best place in front of a sunny window in the morning

Ulvika Cilla

Ulvika Jubilee

Ulvika Cilla

Ulvika Harlequin

Ulvika Audrey (Rich Dark Honeydew)

Gilligan, Mystique and Rolf

Ulvika Xavier

Darcy and Lilia relax

Bono snoozes on a box

Ulvika Daisy does some dusting on top of the bookcase

Darcy prefers Private Eye...

Gilligan refines his IT skills

Gilligan shows off his whiskers

 Harlequin and Gilligan

Harlequin and Gilligan

Ulvika Lilia still feeds all the kittens last thing at night and loves every minute

Ulvika Xavier



Ulvika Xavier

Xavier finds this book a bit heavy going...

Xavier does love his bookcase

Ulvika Kai  - one of our first kittens, and still one of the most beautiful - son of Blossom and lives in Elland with Elaine and Nick.

Gilligan showing off his white paws

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