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Saturday, 28 April 2012

Ulvika Norwegian Forest Kittens 2012 at 3 weeks old

Here are Ulvika Lilia's and Ulvika Richdark Honeydew's kittens with their mothers.

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Twitter: @JaneyBancroft and also @DarcyBancroft

**Ulvika NFCs is in the process of redesigning the website In the meantime, I am blogging the kittens' progress.**
If you would like to meet the Ulvika family and see photos of the kittens' development during their first two weeks, please visit:

Ulvika Lilia, silver and white tabby and Ulvika Richdark Honeydew aka (Audrey) who is a solid black NFC.

The kittens are now three weeks old, and exploring the world around them. They have excellent pedigrees, and have been raised by both mothers together. We breed for personality and the classic Norwegian Forest Cat look.
We have:
  • Gilligan, a black and white male with attitude!
  • Harlequin, a Black Smoke male has been reserved
  • Jubilee, a silver tabby girl - Jubilee is going to live in Holmfirth with Sophie and her lovely family.
  • Xavier, a silver and white tabby male who will look very like his mother, Lilia when he grows up. The tabby markings will be black and very striking.
  • Matilda, a black smoke with high white girl (High white means will resemble Ulvika Holly (aka Darcy) when she's mature - more white than colour.
  • Mystique, a brown tabby and white tabby girl Very strong tabby markings.
  • Polly, a brown tabby girl
  • PrisCilla Dakota, a solid black girl who will look like her mother, Audrey. (see above)
    Audrey keeps an eye on the kittens
    Ulvika PrisCilla Dakota
    Ulvika PrisCilla Dakota

Lilia keeps order in the nursery

    Matilda and PrisCilla
    Jubilee (reserved)
    Matilda and Jubilee
    Gilligan and Jubilee
    Matilda, Jubilee and Xavier
    Xavier in foreground, Jubilee in background
    Xavier and Gilligan in background
    The one and only Gilligan
    Matilda and Jubilee making a smart exist from group shot
    Harlequin - who has already been reserved
    Harlequin has been reserved
    Harlequin and Xavier
    Jubilee (reserved)
    Jubilee (reserved)
    Jubilee and Xavier
    Jubilee exits stage left

    And now for the movie.
    Ulvika Lilia feeds 8 kittens on a sunny afternoon while Audrey takes a well-earned break.

    ...While Audrey takes a break and gets caught red pawed, sipping some coffee...



  1. Im in love with Gilligan, he's gorgoeus!

  2. Thank you, Sally. Please contact me if you would be interested in experiencing The Ulvika Effect....